As the first student in my family to apply for college, the entire process felt mysterious and intimidating. Although I didn’t use CollegeAI to choose which schools to apply to, CollegeAI was a vital tool in helping me choose which school to attend. By allowing me to directly compare multiple metrics across different universities, CollegeAI equipped me with a direct interface to efficiently select which schools would best suit my interests and intended major. This website is truly a stand-out in how it efficiently compares colleges and personalizes what can be a detached and non-transparent process. I can hardly believe that this service is free!
I found it very difficult to select safety schools that I would still want to attend if I didn’t get into my reaches. Using CollegeAI, I could personalize my choice of reaches and safeties from the schools I was accepted to so that regardless of my admissions outcomes, I would still go to a school that was a match based on my personality and preferences. Additionally, CollegeAI's final decision tool was an invaluable way to objectively compare my admitted schools’ rankings and qualifications. A lot of emotion is tied up in the college admissions process, so having a non-subjective way to compare what I valued most in a school was definitely a crucial tool that I haven’t found on any other website.